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Hearing FAQs

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Hearing loss often happens gradually. It can affect us over time and often goes unnoticed. The easiest way to tell if you have hearing loss is to take the first step and get your hearing tested. Take 5 minutes and compete our online test here or we would be happy to schedule a FREE consultation at your convenience, so you can learn more about your hearing health.

Unfortunately there is no one cure for hearing loss. However, there is hope. At Lawson’s Hearing Center, we provide a rehabilitative approach toward hearing loss, allowing us to work with the hearing that is left to give your brain the information it needs through amplification. Although hearing loss is permanent, there are many successful solutions through hearing aids.

Hearing aids are advanced, minicomputers designed to help you hear better and face every day wear and tear. Hearing aids will help you to hear better for many years, so you won’t have to upgrade them right away. At Lawson’s Hearing Center, we offer financing options to help you, no matter your budget. We can find a hearing solution for you that will help you hear better and be affordable.

Yes, hearing aids do much more than just amplify sound. Hearing aids need to support the brain so it can make sense of the sound in the environment. They help orient the brain to the space around you, recognize sounds that are important, separate sounds that aren’t a priority, and help the brain to focus on what it needs to. This is what distinguishes hearing aids from other amplification devices. Hearing aids can also connect wirelessly to your smartphone, TV, car, computer, and more!

Many people don’t know that there is built in protection in the hearing aids. Based on what is comfortable for the wearer, the hearing aids establish a “ceiling” and will suppress further noise that exceeds it.

You are a candidate for hearing aids if you have documented hearing loss, experience difficulties on a regular basis attributed to your hearing loss, and are a willing participant for hearing healthcare.

Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

  • Your storage case is a valuable tool. Always store your hearing aids in this case when not in use.
  • Store your hearing aids in the same place every time you are not using them. Being consistent in the place you store them will allow you to remember where they are with little question.
  • Maintaining your hearing aids and attending your follow-up appointments can make the difference between a poor hearing experience and a great one!

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