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How To Manage Hearing Loss in the Workplace

When discussing the topic of hearing loss, how it effects your communication with family and friends is the biggest focus for many. However, for those in the workforce, unaddressed hearing loss can be a major concern. If you have hearing loss, then it may be difficult to effectively communicate with your colleagues, clients, or even your boss. This can leave you without important information that you need. In addition, untreated hearing loss can leave you feeling tired after a conversation because your brain must work overtime to hear the sounds in a conversation.

There is good news though. There are many solutions to address hearing loss in the workplace. Check out the following tips to find out how.

Tips for Managing Hearing Loss

    • Wear hearing aids. The number one tip for individuals with hearing loss is to wear your hearing aids wherever you go. It is especially important to wear your hearing aids at the workplace to ensure you can effectively hear the conversation and keep up with your day-to-day duties. Wearing hearing aids will ensure you can understand your coworkers, your job role, and conversations over the phone.


    • Ask for accommodations. It is the law that employers must provide you with the necessary accommodations for your hearing loss. Some examples of accommodations include captioning, interpreters, visual media, a new seating or office arrangement, adapted technology, visual alerts, and more.


    • Ask people to repeat themselves. Even with hearing aids it can be overwhelming to constantly be taking in new information from colleagues or managers. Don’t be afraid to ask people to repeat themselves if you didn’t hear what was said. It is better to ask someone to repeat what they said rather than miss out on crucial information.


    • Try a hearing aid accessory. Hearing aid accessories are designed to give you a more seamless listening experience, no matter what type of environment you are in. Often times an office can be noisy with constant background chatter or machines running. A hearing aid accessory will connect to your hearing aids and help you focus in on the conversation at hand.


  • Upgrade your hearing aids. All levels of today’s hearing aids are incredibly advanced, providing proper amplification and automatic functioning. However, a higher level of technology will be able to provide you with even better hearing, even in the most complex environments. For example, hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity are great for those in the work force as they can connect wirelessly to your smartphone, making phone conversations easier and clearer than ever.

Managing hearing loss doesn’t have to be difficult. If you work in an office and have experienced difficulty because of your hearing loss, try following these tips. In addition, it’s important to schedule annual hearing check-ups to ensure your hearing loss hasn’t worsened.

We can help you feel confident again and excel in your workplace. Schedule your appointment today for a hearing checkup or to discuss the latest hearing aid technology and how it can help you hear even better.