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Q. How can I tell if I have hearing loss?

When hearing loss is present, it can affect us so gradually over time that it often goes unnoticed. The easiest way to tell if there is a problem with your hearing is to take the first step and get your hearing tested. Take 5 minutes and complete our online hearing test here or we would be glad to schedule a FREE consultation at your convenience, so you can learn more about your hearing health.

Q. Is there a cure for hearing loss?

No. There are no known cures to reverse hearing loss. Once damage to the auditory process occurs, it is permanent. There may be certain medication, procedures, or surgery done as treatment IF there is a known medical cause for your hearing loss.

However, there is hope. Here at Lawson's Hearing Center, we provide a rehabilitative approach toward hearing loss, allowing us to work with the hearing that is left to give your brain the information it needs through amplification. Although damage is permanent, there are many successful solutions to restore a higher quality of life.

Q. Why are hearing aids so expensive?

There is no way around it, hearing aids can be expensive. Cost is the #1 reason why many people do not seek help for their hearing. However, hearing aids don't have to be unaffordable. With our many financing options, we can find a solution that meets any budget! Interesting fact: There are certain countries where hearing aids are free (government paid), but statistically, compared to countries where hearing aids aren't free, there is no increase in the percentage of people who need help actually taking action. So, is it really about cost?

Q. Do hearing aids do more than just turn things up?

Yes. Hearing aids do much more than just amplify sound. Hearing aids need to support the brain so it can make sense of the sound in the environment. They help orient the brain to the space around you, help the brain recognize sounds that are important, help the brain separate sounds that aren't a priority, and help the brain focus on what it needs. This is what distinguishes hearing aids from other amplification devices. Hearing aids can also connect wirelessly to your smart phone, TV, car, computer and more!

Q. Can hearing aids do more damage to my hearing?

Many people don't know that there is built in protection in the hearing aids. Based on what is comfortable for the patient, the hearing aids establish a "ceiling" and will suppress further noise that exceeds it.

Q. Are hearing aids right for me?

You are a candidate for hearing aids if you have a documented hearing loss, experience difficulties on a regular basis attributed to your hearing loss, and are a willing participant for hearing healthcare.

Q. Are all hearing healthcare providers created equal?

No. There are many qualified and professional hearing healthcare providers that take different approaches towards hearing loss. At Lawson's, we take a rehabilitative approach towards hearing loss. Although your hearing does not naturally regenerate, we provide rehabilitation to the hearing that is left using state of the art technology that meets your needs lifestyle and budget. This is much different than the retail model that many big box companies use. If you need to invest in hearing devices, it makes good sense to choose a provider right for you to guide you on your journey to better hearing.

Q. What factors determine who I should use as my hearing healthcare provider?

When choosing a hearing healthcare provider, here are some questions to consider:

  • Are their business hours convenient for me?
  • Do they have a positive reputation in the community?
  • Is the business establishment a warm and inviting environment?
  • Do I have a large selection of state-of-the-art technology that can help me?
  • Will the quality of care be what I expect?
  • Will I experience a comfortable and "low pressure" approach toward my hearing healthcare?
  • What warranties or exclusive services do they offer?
Q. Why should I choose Lawson's Hearing Center for my hearing healthcare needs?

For more than 60 years, we have been helping improve the quality of life for many people. We have a reputation for providing high-quality service and fitting the most innovative hearing devices on the market. We will evaluate your hearing, individual lifestyle, and unique requirements before suggesting a hearing aid. You will find our office is a comfortable environment where you are treated like family. Our team of hearing care professionals continually strive to provide the best quality of care to our patients. They attend continuing education courses, as well as one-on-one trainings with manufacturers that give them the specialized expertise to guide you on your journey to better hearing. We focus on educating our patients, taking our time with you, and doing our very best to help you achieve maximum benefits with the hearing solution you choose.

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Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

  • Your storage case is an invaluable tool. Always store your aids in this case when not in use.
  • Store your hearing aids in the same place every time you are not using them. Being consistent in the place you store them will allow you to remember where they are with little question.
  • Use your discretion. Don't use your aids in an environment where you think you may lose them.
  • Maintaining your hearing aids and attending your follow up appointments can make the difference between a poor hearing experience and a great one!

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